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Andy Karlen and Michael Stolzar did an excellent job acting as my legal counsel to negotiate and close two business acquisitions.  They helped me greatly improve the provisions of the deals, were always there when I needed them, and were quick to provide the help I needed. On several occasions their contract negotiations served as a vehicle to smoke-out and resolve business issues. They framed issues in a way that balanced my legal and business questions so that I could make good decisions. It is not often that one finds two such knowledgeable and experienced business attorneys practicing together and collaborating for their clients’ benefit.

William E. Fletcher, President
Liberty Rehab & Patient Aid Center
Stamford, Monroe and Stratford, CT

I first met Andy about ten years ago when he was a presenter at a family business seminar which I attended. A few years later we had the opportunity to reconnect when I joined the Business Counsel of Westchester. Andy has served the Business Council for many years and in many capacities. As our General Counsel during an important period in our organization’s life, his advice and counsel played a pivotal role in the process that laid the groundwork for the success we enjoy today. Andy’s dedication to his family and other closely held business clients is as evident today as it was when we first met.

Dr. Marsha Gordon, President
The Business Council of Westchester

Andrew Karlen acts as general counsel to my business under a fixed retainer arrangement. My company benefits from having ongoing access to Andy’s timely legal advice and his understanding of our business. Moreover, we are able to tap into his valuable knowledge of business law and many years of experience working with businesses to use him as a sounding-board to explore business opportunities without mounting-up hourly charges. As a small business owner I am delighted to have access to this kind of ongoing high level legal advice and services we thought were reserved for very large companies.

Seth Kaller, President
Seth Kaller, Inc.
White Plains, NY

Andy Karlen did an excellent job negotiating several leases for stores in our small retail chain. His understanding of the business and legal aspects of the transactions enabled us to obtain terms that eliminated or reduced serious risks and their potential impacts on our bottom line. I greatly appreciate the care with which Andy approaches and analyzes situations and agreements; the clarity with which he reviews and drafts documents; and the broad range of his experience and expertise. His dedication and commitment is second to none. We would happily recommend him to others for legal help.

Fred King, Chairman
The Educational Warehouse, Inc.

When senior management decided to form a new division for a new business line, Andrew Karlen, working with our accountant, helped us select a limited liability company as the most advantageous entity form. He then formed and structured the LLC it in a way that facilitates our operational and governance needs. Andrew’s negotiation and drafting skills enabled us to enter into employment and confidentiality/non-competition agreements with key people. Without those agreements in place we could not have launched our new business line or grown it to the success it enjoys today. I look forward to continuing to work with Andrew in months and years to come.

Mutsumi Oishi
FRP Services & Company (America) Inc.

Andrew…I am pleased to be able to provide this testimonial and I thank you for your years of support.

Andrew Karlen represented me in the purchase of my business, some 17-years ago, and has been our business attorney ever since. He has been pivotal in the successful completion of numerous transactions, including lease negotiations, technology-related agreements, agreements for client engagements, and on-occasion, resolving disputes. In each of these situations, he has focused on the issues that are most meaningful from a business perspective and offered practical solutions and advice that have helped us get the deal done while protecting the company’s legal rights. Andrew understands our business and is not afraid to challenge my thinking or ask a thought-provoking question or one that I might not have thought of. I am grateful to have an attorney to whom I can turn with problematic situations at stressful times, and who I know will always make himself available when I need him.

Andrew has also represented my wife and me in purchasing and selling homes and condominium units as well as land for construction of a new residence and the related construction agreements. He has repeatedly guided us through the twists and turns of contractual, title, building code, survey and other obstacles to seamless closings.

Doug Press, President
The Incentive Group, Inc.
White Plains, NY

Andy Karlen, working with our other professional advisors, structured the transfer of our electrical contracting company to me from my father, the founder and truly a self-made man. We were immediately at ease with Andy because he listened without attempting to showcase his expertise. He understood that the business succession and estate plans my parents would ultimately embrace would have to be fair to my three sisters in addition to transferring the business to me. At one of our meetings, my father told Andy about his life, how he started and built the business and the values upon which my mother and he raised my sisters and me. I can’t say whether my father or Andy enjoyed that conversation more. I can say, however, that the wise decisions my parents made were facilitated by Andy’s counsel, particularly at the critical moments when legal, estate and gift tax strategies and their comfort levels appeared out of synch.

I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of corporate legal counsel, especially that in the area of estate and succession planning.

Richard Sajiun, President
Sajiun Electric Inc.

Several years ago, Andy Karlen guided our family-owned printing company through the business succession planning process, and has been our attorney ever since. From the beginning, Andy justified the faith we placed in him with his unique combination of legal knowledge, sensitivity to the dynamics of a family owned and operated business and ability to facilitate discussions about difficult issues. My parents, my brother Michael and I, really appreciated the compassion that Andy brought to the process and his dedication to working with family-owned businesses. The result was a plan that we knew was not only legally sound, but right for us. It was and remains a great comfort to have a legal advisor who really cares about us.

Jeffrey Scherzer, Vice President
Regina Printing Corporation



I am the managing member of an investment adviser that serves as the portfolio manager and general partner of hedge funds. Michael Stolzar has been our general counsel for several years in numerous areas. His attention to detail, timely responses to our needs and ability to keep in contact with us and ahead of our requirements speaks well for him and his firm and their ability to provide outstanding legal services to their clients.

Paul Elliot, Managing Member
ELCO Management Company, LLC

I am the president and CEO of a public company and have often been surprised and very pleased with the rapid responses of Michael Stolzar to questions I have had concerning securities and SEC matters. Michael’s responses demonstrate knowledge in this area that sometimes seems superior to that of the SEC staff.

James Wesley Ketner, President
Kelyniam Global, Inc.

I am the managing member of a recently organized international sports and media distribution and advertising company. Michael Stolzar has been our counsel with respect to all aspects of our formation and business. His Skillful contract drafting has enabled us to grow our business with both U.S. and international clients, and protect our revenue streams. He gives us the confidence and experience needed to deal with major corporations, as well as more entrepreneurial groups.

Richard Stone, President
Trajectory Sports & Media Group, LLC

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