Sale or Acquisition of a Business

The sale or acquisition of a business is a very significant, even benchmark transaction. We understand the factors that can have enormous economic impact on our clients, such as whether stock or assets are being sold or purchased; the buyer’s entity form; the allocation of the sale/purchase price; whether it would be beneficial to structure the transaction as a merger or other tax-free reorganization under the Internal Revenue Code; and whether the owner of the selling entity is to be compensated for post closing services.

We counsel our clients so that they fully understand the legal, business and interpersonal dynamics of the deal and collaborate with their accountants and other advisors to develop the right deal structure. The sale and purchase of a business requires the synchronization of many moving parts. We know when to use a wrench and when to simply add oil to keep those gears moving the transaction in our client’s desired direction.

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Andy Karlen and Michael Stolzar did an excellent job acting as my legal counsel to negotiate and close two business acquisitions. They helped me greatly improve the provisions of the deals, were always there when I needed them, and were quick to provide the help I needed. On several occasions their contract negotiations served as a vehicle to smoke-out and resolve business issues… It is not often that one finds two such knowledgeable and experienced business attorneys practicing together and collaborating for their clients’ benefit.   

William E. Fletcher, President
Liberty Rehab & Patient Aid Center
Stamford, Monroe & Stratford, CT
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