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Andrew N. Karlen, Esq.

Andrew KarlenAndrew N. Karlen has established a reputation throughout Westchester County and its surrounding area as a dedicated and knowledgeable advisor to family owned and other closely held businesses on business succession planning, mergers, acquisitions and sales of businesses, agreements among entity owners, real estate transactions and related matters.

Well-known for his client relationships, insightful articles and workshops at area schools, Mr. Karlen has written about small business topics such as succession planning, consulting tools, management conflicts, rewarding key non-family employees, issues management vs. crisis management, selling a business and utilizing boards of directors for The Westchester County Business Journal, Westchester Commerce, Westchester, LifeNotes and Construction News. (See "Sharing Our Knowledge.")

Mr. Karlen began his career as an attorney with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. He is licensed to practice law in New York, Connecticut and Florida and has worked for prominent regional law firms and as a single practitioner prior to the formation KARLEN & STOLZAR, LLP in 2005.

Mr. Karlen received his Juris Doctor from New York Law School and his Masters of Law in Corporation Law from the New York University School of Law. He is a member of the Family Firm Institute, an international organization of professionals from diverse disciplines who advise family businesses, and holds its Certificate in Family Business Advising With Fellow Status. He also is a member of Attorneys for Family-Held Enterprises (AFHE) and has been a speaker at both of these organizations’ annual conferences.

He is Co-Chair of the Westchester County Bar Association’s Corporate and Commercial Law Committee and a frequent lecturer at continuing education programs for attorneys, accountants and financial planners. Mr. Karlen is currently a member of the board of directors of the Child Care Council of Westchester and former General Counsel, Vice-Chair for Small Business and Vice-Chair for Economic Development of the Business Council of Westchester.

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As our General Counsel during an important period in our organization’s life, his advice and counsel played a pivotal role in the process that laid the groundwork for the success we enjoy today. Andy’s dedication to his family and other closely held business clients is as evident today as it was when we first met.   

Dr. Marsha Gordon, President
The Business Council of Westchester
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Several years ago, Andy Karlen guided our family-owned printing company through the business succession planning process, and has been our attorney ever since. From the beginning, Andy justified the faith we placed in him with his unique combination of legal knowledge, sensitivity to the dynamics of a family owned and operated business and ability to facilitate discussions about difficult issues… The result was a plan that we knew was not only legally sound, but right for us. It was and remains a great comfort to have a legal advisor who really cares about us.   

Jeffrey Scherzer, Vice President
Regina Printing Corporation
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Andrew understands our business and is not afraid to challenge my thinking or ask a thought-provoking question or one that I might not have thought of. I am grateful to have an attorney to whom I can turn with problematic situations at stressful times, and who I know will always make himself available when I need him.   

Doug Press, President
The Incentive Group, Inc.
White Plains, NY
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